Mother and Child


Mother and Child
Mother and Child Gina M.
Natural wood, quartz, waxed string
on a stone base[/caption%5D

I’m excited to announce a new addition to the “Natural Sculpture Series,” a project I continue to work on.

The roots, rocks, sticks and things I collect are shaped by natural forces and have an image or a meaning hidden within them.

The items speak to me, effortlessly showing their true being. I try to do very little to these found objects, highlighting areas that would otherwise be overlooked, maybe just a saw chop or a quick clip with a knife. I feel like I am uncovering their hidden message and renewing their purpose.

Each finished piece relates to how I am feeling or what is going on at the time I find them, so my emotional and mental state influences what I see and create.

For instance:

Aging Root

Aging Root by Gina M.
Natural wood on Rose Quartz

Aging Root, a piece of driftwood reaching upward atop a glowing base of rose quartz, relates to my walk toward middle age and the inevitable physical transformations of the aging human form.


Eve by Gina M.
Natural wood on stone base

Eve,a gnarled root atop a sulfur stone base, reflects the ever-changing roles I’ve played within the context of the world, my family and my relationships. It reflects the loss of innocence within each of those situations at different times throughout my life.

Mother and Child

Mother and Child
by Gina M. Natural wood, quartz, on marble base

The latest, Mother and Child, mirrors my feelings as a mother of an only child now leaving the nest, both of us starting a new life.

The root cradled the quartz rock as it grew, protecting it from harm even after it was ripped from the earth. The old twine wrapped around both is the connection that will help keep them together over time. The twine and root will disappear, but the stone will survive on its own.


Art opening today


Just finished the front of the gallery. I did a quick chalk mural of the Earth and Mars against black space. It is a resting spot out front, for the Jules Verne style sculpture I made. It’s a bronze colored zeppelin hovering above the two planets in space. It will hopefully catch people’s eye and draw them in this month and keep the gallery hopping.

Locals at the JPL compound are excited. They have another Mars rover landing this week so the Time and Space Gallery in La Canada,Ca. chose that as their theme for the exhibit this month. The pieces I have here are in line with the MARS theme.

Along with my Time Piece series sitting on the counter in front I have my series, Communication Breakdown; mixed media collage paintings that feel like artifacts, old treasure maps, and lost relics found at the remote desert testing facility area 51.

In these works, I repurposed original JPL blueprints created in the 1960’s through the 1980’s. I love them for their organic quality.

Architectural hand drafting is now a lost art, having been replaced by technology and the wide spread use of speedy computer-aided design tools in the early 1980‘s.

As a former draftsperson myself, I was compelled to preserve the handmade lettering and lines of a fellow draftsman.

I chose image detail drawings that displayed the patterns and repeated the forms of the original brass model parts, which I then applied to the surface. My own graphite marks and hand drawn images link repeating, disjointed layers from the “then” to the “now.”

It is my attempt to document this lost art form and elevate it out of its perceived obsolescence, or status as a draftsman’s rite of passage, and instead revel in its slowness and preserve the human connection between art and design.

Come by if you can. The opening is at The Time and Space Gallery Friday, July 20th 7pm – 10pm
838 ½ Foothill Boulevard
La Cañada Flintridge
CA 91001
Map it!

Acrylic,paper, brass, graphite, watercolor on panel board.
Communication Breakdown 1   16″w x 20″h x 3/4″d
Communication Breakdown 2   14″w x 11″h x 3/4″d
Communication Breakdown 3    24″w x 21″h x 1.5″d

Thoughts from the studio

Today is the first day of the new blog in WordPress. I will share work in progress thoughts and ideas on art and the different ways I make it.  I work in many mediums and  styles so it may get crazy around here, but I am used to it and so are the people close to me by now. Hope you will be too. Enjoy.