I consider myself a multidisciplinary artist whose work takes many forms.

I was born in Minnesota but raised in California by a funky and creative family.  My mother owned and operated a puppet theater in Norwalk where my family spent many weekends developing shows, building puppets and hosting birthday parties.  Art and creativity were a way of life.  My anthropomorphic tendencies were obvious for a child nurtured by puppets and their puppeteers, conceived to help cope, comfort, and accept the divorce and divide of my family.
At The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising I studied interior design and color theory.  As a sideline I took seminars and received private training in trompe l’oeil, faux finishes and decorative wall treatments. I continue to use this educational background in my art where painting, sculpture, and photography are inspired by a variety of materials.  Assemblage and ceramics encompass the body of my current work where I cover the surface of fired clay with found objects and encaustic paints.
In all my mediums there continues a narrative, a vocabulary of iconic child-like imagery that punctuates an urgent warning of the irrevocability of loss, the limited time left for healing emotional wounds and restoring the metaphorical inner child. I am creating self-portraits, recording the significance of memory and mortality, self-reflecting on the dread of the aging process and the image-altering effects of gravity, all the while addressing loss and possible return to innocence.
My pieces can be found in museums, homes, salons, and art shows throughout California.

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